What Others Have to Say

Thank you Andy – you did a superb job and were a pleasure thoughout!

I continue to believe that Andy is the best in town.

Persistent, perceptive, a pleasure!

Andy's personality works with both sides. He can push when it needs to be done. Having litigated many cases himself, he understands the litigators role. His ego is in check. I respect his judgment, for or against me.

Thank you for your tireless efforts before, during and after our scheduled two days of mediation. Both my clients and I were immensely impressed with your results as well as the manner in which those results were obtained.

You helped enlighten our client about a reasonable value on the case and also potential problems that you saw. Your credibility and approach gave the clients confidence in what you were saying and again is greatly appreciated.

Mr. Albert not only read the briefs, but the cases they cited to determine important legal issues in dispute. Excellent "reading" of the parties, also.

Andy told it like it was and helped my client accept his position, then working to get my client through the situation.

I wanted to thank you again for your complete attention and commitment to our mediation. Your efforts were greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your Herculean efforts!

I deeply appreciate your efforts in resolving the case. You are an outstanding mediator and anyone who is fortunate to use your services, is spending their money wisely.